Friday, 25 February 2011

To All My beLOVEd MEC friends.

Light illuminates even the darkest recesses of the universe,
But darkness prevails over us if we just choose to close our eyes,
There is a pervasive symphony of unity in the universe,
But chaos prevails around us when we choose to ignore it,
In the vast expenses of the universe there is peace running across the entire fabric of space,
However our imagined world is ripped apart by destruction and division when we choose not to accept it,
Time stands still in the universe with the cycle that begins and ends at the same point,
But our time on this planet sometimes disintegrates into pointlessness with nothing really accomplished when we choose not to understand it,
There is meaning and certainly in the universe with its determined path fulfilled,
Yet our world becomes frivolous when everything is forced to revolve around one confused and inconsistent species,
There is beauty and majesty in the universe which is spread in diversity,
Yet mess and disorder prevail in our planet due to a species claiming for itself custodianship constantly tries to change it,
No light without the sacrifice of humility,
No balance without the sacrifice of submission,
No peace without the sacrifice of mercy and benevolence,
No meaning without the sacrifice of faith,
No beauty without the sacrifice of patience and perseverance,
No unity or return without the sacrifice of acceptance and forgiveness,
Acceptance that there is no change needed in a perfect symmetry,
No birth or death in the world of eternity,
The world with the existence for the return to the only singularity,
In the vastness of the seemingly unbounded universe,
Resting on the feet of the thrones of thrones,
With which end one may remember this day of sacrifice,
To replace the finite with the infinite,
The replace the profane with the profound,
To replace the selfishness with selflessness,
To replace the hate of the world with the love of the universe,
To replace ‘I want’ with ‘I accept’,
To replace time with meaning,
To replace noise with silence,
To replace the designed with the designer,
To replace existence with perpetuity,
To replace chaos with peace,
Peace via the submission to The Designer of all,
The dual meaning of Islam,
Peace which rest upon the act of submission,
Submission of all before the beginning of time,
With which the Provider may place in the most lethargic of bodies the ever-present energy,
In the most numb of hearts an overflowing love,
In the most vacant of minds the unbroken consciousness,
In the darkest of souls an irresistible ever illuminating light,
Whilst living in a world that does not owe us an existence,
Nor a debt that has to be repaid,
To exit it the same as when we enter it,
As the universe moves with predetermined laws unchanged,
The simple life done with sacrificing the finite,
To give time the true meaning.
That time itself being the cycle of return,
Like the cycle of people around an object some say is the house of God,
An act of some on this day of Eid,
To which end one asks for guidance so we are not left just feeling dizzy,
Dizzy with the overemphasis of the ‘part’ but forgetting the ‘whole’,
Like walking around a cube like building,
Walking many miles but always coming back to where one started,
Like Hagar who ran to and fro and many miles looking for water for her child,
Only to find that which she was seeking at the place where she started,
For in the immense vastness of the universe,
The truth is always closer to us then our own jugular vein,
The contents of which completing its own cycle many times over,
Whilst the body does what it has to do,
To serve its master to fulfil his task,
His task of custodianship and submission,
Like the ship sailing the vastness and depth of the oceans,
Supported by only a small portion of it under water,
Like the winds that support a bird in flight,
Even with most air just passing thru’ the gaps of the feathers,
In our travel thru’ the world some may call home,
Not much of it is needed to support us throughout ,
Most of its contents pass us by like winds through a banyan tree,
No need to hold on to that which cannot be held,
Nor can it be contained in any vessel known,
In this short journey even across the deepest ocean,
Our journey is only upon its surface,
No real difference deep or shallow,
No point to worry over that which is transient,
In the travel thru’ God’s infinite universe,
We travel millions of miles upon earth surface,
Whilst earth makes it journey of trillions of miles across seemingly empty space,
Only to return to where it started,
Hopes that we be happy in the universe of God’s design,
Design to perfection in the whole – no need for renovation,
No need for any change,
In the journey of return,
The ultimate and only true adventure,
To be completed by all big and small,
Strong or weak.

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